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About El Hotelito Perdido

El Hotelito Perdido is a small, rustic jungle hideaway. It is located in the middle of the rainforest on Río Lampara, a small river connected to Río Dulce.

We are across the river from the Hot Springs, close to a waterfall and a short journey from Manatee Reserve and Cayo Quemado. By boat we are a 45-minute ride from the town of Río Dulce and a 30-minute trip through the humbling Canyon Río Dulce to the funky Garifuna town of Livingston.

Our lodge is built in the typical jungle style. The accommodation we provide ranges from a five-bed "dormitory" to cozy split-level bungalows equipped with a toilet and shower. We offer drinks, restaurant services (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and make our own bread.

We rent kayaks and wooden cayucos, there is dock to swim from, beautiful tropical gardens with fruit trees, plenty of hammocks to relax in, games to play and good books to read. There is communal house with bar, lounge, restaurant area and kitchen. Near the communal house is a barbeque area and there is a hammock house by the dock.

We do our best to minimise our impact on our environment. Our electricity is provided by solar panel, we've employed ecological building practices and we are consciously helping to reforest the jungle. We also collect rainwater for bathing, buy minimal packaged food for cooking, make compost for our gardens, recycle our plastic and reuse anything we can.

We are offering a place for an enthusiastic volunteer, willing to engage in whatever needs to be done. All ages welcome, the only requirement is that you are able to speak Spanish and English, can commit to at least six weeks, and are well presented and polite. The work is flexible, the tasks include reception work, serving dinner, stock monitoring, socializing with the guests throughout their stay and making their stay as comfortable as possible. Yoga instructors, Spanish teachers and masseurs are especially welcome (and income is a possibility).

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